Who would have guessed a nation would tire of flavourless beer?

There’s a lot of talk these days about the shrinking beer market in Canada, but a rise in craft beer sale. I’m not sure how this really comes as a surprise considering what there is as an alternative – flavourless, pale lager being pour down our throats by mass-marketing, flashy ad campaigns.

Canada, like the US and much of the world, has been inundated over the past few decades (a generation or more) by the macro brewery producing a same old pale, adjunct filled, flavourless lager. The Canadian beer market has been dominated by Molson’s (partnered with Coors), Labatt’s (owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev), and Budweiser, with Moosehead being the largest Canadian owned having 5.5% of the market. Together this is 90% of the market. Sad.

The good new, people are waking up and are realizing this is not a bad dream, but really what they have been sold as beer and wanting something better. We are growing up and our palates are as well. We are looking for something better and in many cases that is something other than beer (hence, the shrinking beer market). In other cases some of us are making our own – board with what was available and too far from good craft beer, what choice do some of us have? But more and more good craft beer is popping up, all across the country. BC is leading the way, but the rest of the nation is quickly catching up. With actual good beer becoming more readily available its no wonder the craft beer market share is growing hand-over-fist.


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