Brooklyn Brewery – Sorachi Ace

IMG_1945.JPGBrooklyn Brewery is world renowned for producing award winning beers, and this is no exception. Sorachi Ace is named after the single hop that is used in this beer. The hop was first produced in Japan in 1984 by one of Japans largest beer companies, but was deemed to be a bit odd. Because of its flavour profile it wasn’t widely produced until a farm in Washington state revived it in 2008. Giving a distinct lemon peel, lemongrass flavour and aroma, it’s a standout hop different from all others.

From the brewery: “Dry, sharp, and crackling with flavor, Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is reminiscent of lemongrass, verbena, dill and lemon peels … sunshine in a glass, a shining example of the versatility of one of the world’s most intriguing hops. This beer is a superstar at the table, and we enjoy it with seafood dishes, fresh cheeses, poultry, barbecue, and even tomato-based pasta sauces. All by itself it puts on a great solo performance too, and we can honestly say that you’ve never tasted any beer quite like it.”

And what did I think?

Appearance: The colour is golden and clear. Appears to be well carbonated as its quite effervescent. Pours with a fluffy white head that is long lasting.

Aroma: Interesting. Had a hard time picking out what this reminded me of, but I knew it was something from my grandmothers house as a child. The aroma is of lemon grass and is wheat-like and floral. Its fairly perfumey with lemon peel and lemon oil. Reminiscent of Lemon Pledge, but not in a bad way (that was what my gram used).

Taste: Very unique flavour. The Sorachi Ace hops used are different from any other. There is lots of lemon flavours, best described as peel and lemongrass. There is, once you get past the hops, a nice malt flavour that is supportive and balancing to the hops.

Mouthfeel: The body light, lightened by the high level of carbonation. This is an effervescent beer and is a bit prickly on the tongue.

Overall: I found this beer to be very impressive. The use of such a unique hop, a showcase even, is unheard of. It’s a bold statement fro Brooklyn Brewery for sure, but they are no strangers to that. A very refreshing beer and an experience every beer lover should have.


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